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Butterfly is owned and operated by licensed and experienced teachers. We have taught and developed curriculum for children of all ages in many different areas: social, academic, physical and emotional. Students are required to enter first grade recognizing the alphabet, knowing all the letter sounds, recognizing numbers from 1 to 20, and able to read and write own name. Without these basic skills, your child will be retained at the end of the year.

Because we are aware of the problem, we have set up this daycare to expose children as young as 2 to the educational standards. Our goal is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten and first grade ready to meet the new educational standards upon completing our program.

The success of our program is due to the experience of our qualified staff who are well acquainted with the rigors of being good teachers. They are highly committed, dedicated, and full of vision and energy.

We are very enthusiastic at the prospect of becoming your child's new school.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Payments & Policies

Butterfly Day Care Center is
  • Open Monday to Friday
  • Provide 3 hot meals a day for children who are enrolled in Daycare Center
    a) Breakfast (snack),
    b) Lunch
    c) Supper
Forms of Payment
  • There is one payment in a month. The tuition is due on 27th Day of previous month despite of goverment or religious holidays. Parents are responsible for payments of fees on time.(late payment charge of $50 will be added for payments after 1st of each months)
  • The tuition covers expenses for attendance child, books, educational books, educational materials, participating in all school activities, daily meals.
  • There is no deduction fee for absences or vacations.
  • For the safety, welfare and proper maintenance of all students, Butterfly reserves the rights to dismiss a student whose conduct or influence is inimical to the best interest of the school and students in the considered opinion of the school administration. Such conduct or influence includes, but not limited to, the following: unacceptable behavior, damaging or defacing of school property, misrepresentation regarding the medical or mental history of student. Any of above conduct may be subject to the student dismissal. In such an event there will be no refund or adjustment of any part of the school fee.

      Policies & Procedures of Butterfly

      1. Important Parents are expected to pick up their child (ren) before closing time. Please note that if child(ren) is not picked up on time, there will be an overtime charge of $10 for each child for any extra minutes till an hour. No exceptions!
      2. I understand that:
        • I must walk into the school with my child each day and make certain that the teacher knows he/she is there.
        • I responsible designated adult, will walk into the building to pick up my child(ren) and inform the teacher that we are leaving.
        • A list of people who may pick up my child must be administered. My child(ren) will not be released to anyone not listed. I must call Day Care if there is any change.

      3. I must keep child(ren) home if he/she has(have) the following: fever, diarrhea, unexplained rash or vomiting in the previous 24-hour period. Child(ren) too sick to participate need to be kept home.

      4. If my child is out of school due to a contagious condition or other reason, I must notify the school, so others can be informed if necessary.

      5. In order to attend school, all children must be properly immunized by order of the Board of Health, City of New York.

      6. Child must have a re-exam form filled out by his/her doctor once a year.

      7. All children need a complete change of clothing, sheets and blanket at the school at all times, with the child's name on each item.

             Educational Programs for New Academic Standards

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